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Tyler Matthews

Digital Producer

Tyler is a Director/Digital Producer and Video Editor based in Atlanta, Georgia. Bringing both technical expertise and creative passion, Tyler has created a wide range of visual content, including commercials, television, live event, and branding pieces. His award-winning work has been trusted by renowned brands such as Salesforce, Ford, Walmart, MinuteKey, the Obama Foundation, the University of South Carolina, and the American Advertising Federation along with several networks and streaming platforms. Tyler is well-versed in critical image capture, camera technologies, effects, multimedia and sound production, and the development of cutting-edge workflows.

Favorite color: Industrial Grey
Must drink: Caramel Latte
Ambitions: To create something extraordinary
Favorite band: Arcade Fire / Tame Impala
Pet peeve: Dishonesty
Words of wisdom: Respect yourself so that you’re better able to respect others.

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