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Web Design & Development

Our website design process in Charleston, SC

Over the past two decades, we at HLJ Creative have refined our design and development process to deliver superior Charleston, SC web design for organizations of all sizes. Our process enables us to transform your ideas into a powerful web presence that resonates with your site’s audience. With our expertise, your ideas will be presented on the web in a way that not only enhances viewers’ comprehension of your company or organization but also conveys its values, mission, vision, and business objectives. By collaborating closely with you and employing our tried-and-true methodology, we craft websites that help all our Charleston website design clients achieve their objectives.

Website design & development phases

Web Design SC - Web Design Greenville SC - Web Design Charleston SC - Research
Research & Planning

Our objective with all our Charleston web design clients is to gain a comprehensive understanding of your business, goals, target audience, and how your website aligns with your overall marketing strategy. By evaluating your current website (if available) and analyzing similar websites within your industry, we establish a framework for your site’s structure and functionality. This initial stage provides us with the groundwork necessary to provide tailored recommendations for the design and development of your new responsive website.

Web Design Columbia SC - Web Design Greenville SC - Web Design Charleston SC - Wireframes
wireframing & CONTENT writing

During this stage of website development, we design the site architecture and layout, beginning with a site map that outlines the pages of your site. We also create wireframes for both the home page and internal pages, which serve as the equivalent of architectural plans for a house. Once these wireframes are complete, we collaborate with you to craft all of the website’s copy. You can either compose the content yourself or opt to work with our experienced copywriter, who will develop headings, paragraphs, and other written elements necessary for the website.

Web Design Columbia SC - Web Design Greenville SC - Web Design Charleston SC - Design

Once wireframes, copy, images, and site maps are approved, we commence the process of designing your website’s home page, internal pages, and other essential features. We share our designs with you as we create them, enabling you to provide precise feedback and confirm that every aspect of the design reflects your vision. We meticulously evaluate each color, font, image, button, heading, and other visual elements to produce a design that leaves a lasting impression, with a “wow” factor that captures your audience’s attention.

Web Development Columbia SC - Web Development Greenville SC - Web Development Charleston SC - Website Programming
WEB Development

Once designs are accepted, we proceed to code and construct all website pages. Our Charleston website design programming team has collaborated with us for more than a decade, refining a reliable process that prioritizes the client’s objectives while adhering to best practices. We ensure that each website element renders correctly on various devices, including desktops, tablets, and phones, in every item we develop.

Web Design Columbia SC - Web Design Greenville SC - Web Design Charleston SC - Quality Testing
Quality ASSURANCE & testing

Upon completing the coding process, we meticulously review every page of the site to ensure the coded version aligns with the original designs. We test every form, hyperlink, and button to confirm proper functionality, doing so across all responsive site views. Once we complete our Charleston SC web design testing, we permit you to test the site and verify that all aspects are in order. If we missed any details, we promptly address and resolve them.

Web Design Columbia SC - Web Design Greenville SC - Web Design Charleston SC - Launch

Once we receive our client’s approval, we assist in launching the website. Often, clients prefer us to update their domain name records, directing the domain to our web hosting server. However, if the domain is managed by an information technology staff member, we furnish the required information to launch the site. Our hosting environment offers SSL certificate installation, round-the-clock support, nightly backups, and a staging website where you can test forthcoming website enhancements. Additionally, we optimize the website for swift loading, mitigate spam form submissions, and implement other performance-enhancing measures.

Web Design Columbia SC - Web Design Greenville SC - Web Design Charleston SC - Website Maintenance
support maintENAnCE

Once your website goes live, we provide ongoing support and maintenance for all our Charleston, SC web design clients to ensure website security, compatibility with the latest plugin and supporting software versions, optimal functionality, and continued efficacy as a marketing tool for your enterprise. We monitor your site’s traffic and recommend that all clients permit us to perform search engine optimization across their entire web presence, maximizing the return on their initial investment. Click here to learn more about our digital marketing services.

Website Design for Charleston, South Carolina

For decades, HLJ Creative has delivered premium website design in Charleston, South Carolina along with branding, and strategic digital marketing services across the entirety of South Carolina. Our expertise has aided clients from diverse industries, and a substantial portion of our projects extend to clients in other states as well.

We welcome the opportunity to schedule an introductory conversation with you and your team, allowing us to gain insight into your organization and your vision for your new website, creative marketing project, or any other online marketing endeavors. Visit Our Portfolio to peruse examples of our prior work or Get A Quote by reaching out to us today.

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