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Jessica Lathren

Business Development Manager

Jessica studied Philosophy and Spanish at Agnes Scott College. Shortly after graduation, she began her career in marketing at IBM. During her 14-year tenure at Big Blue, she managed a complex portfolio of marketing initiatives, including development of print materials, web design and content management, event production, and sales education. Post-IBM, she managed operations for Mann Global Health, a public health consulting firm, and has recently launched Watershed Consulting Group, a public affairs and political consulting firm.

Jessica is the Business Development Manager here at HLJ. She works with new and existing clients to scope projects and track progress. Her attention to detail is her strength. She’s easy to talk to and takes our clients’ interests to heart.

When she isn’t writing new proposals or coordinating with our team and clients on project details, Jessica is most likely trying a new recipe, listening to a podcast, or volunteering with the Columbia City Ballet’s Director’s Circle.

Best color: Teal
Must drink: Almond milk latte
Ambitions: Write a book
Favorite band: Candy Coffins (She kind of knows the lead singer)
Pet peeve: Misuse of there/their/they’re
Words of Wisdom: “Do your best. Be kind to others.”


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