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Print Design in Columbia, Charleston, Greenville, SC

Print Design

Helping you extend your brand beyond the web

Although print materials might seem less necessary in today’s world of websites and online marketing, there are plenty of times when you will absolutely need to put a physical printed marketing piece in people’s hands so that they will remember you. In addition to our online marketing services, we are proud to leverage our design expertise to create printed materials that align with the online look and feel of your website. Below is a list of the print materials we can design for you.

Curio Business Cards - Print Design

Business Cards

A business card is one of those marketing items that you need to have for meetings, trade shows, and other networking events. You might be surprised how much you enjoy thinking about what card stock you want, the orientation of the card, and all the other details that you can choose when designing your business cards. A great business card is not only a reliable way to stay top of mind with new prospects, it also sets the tone for how your brand looks and feels.

Letterhead & Envelopes

Letterhead and envelopes are additional branded items that you will inevitably need when you are conducting business correspondence. Using your logo and overall brand aesthetic, we can create high-resolution electronic files so that you don’t have to have these items pre-printed in large quantities. You can instead print them on demand when you need them.

Print brochures

Depending on the kind of work you do, a print brochure can be very useful and informative. If you work with customers who don’t sit in an office at their computer all day, or who don’t tend to access websites and the internet all that frequently, a brochure can come in handy to introduce your products or services to them.

Signs, Banners, and Stickers

Having an event? Need a sign out front? Want to create a bumper sticker? Using your existing logo and any other graphic styles that you regularly use in your marketing, we can create a great-looking custom sign, banner, or sticker for you. All of the files you will need for high resolution printing will be made available for you and your preferred printer. 

Print Design for Columbia, Charleston, & Greenville, SC

HLJ Creative has served the entire state of South Carolina for decades with top quality website design, branding, and strategic digital marketing. We have helped numerous clients from a variety of industries in Columbia, Charleston, and Greenville, SC. Additionally, a sizeable portion of our projects have expanded nationwide, to assist clients in other states as well. 

We would be happy to schedule an intro conversation with you and your team to learn more about your organization and the vision that you have for your new website, creative marketing project, or any other online marketing efforts. Feel free to review Our Portfolio to see examples of past projects we’ve completed, or contact us today to Get A Quote.

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