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Web Design & Development

A proven web design & development process

The HLJ Creative web design and development process is one that we have worked to fine tune over the last two decades. We want the experience to be an enjoyable one for the client. The process allows us to capture your ideas and translate them into a strategic web presence that makes an impact on your site’s audience. Your ideas will be represented on the web in a way that gives viewers not only a better understanding of your company or organization, but also a feel for its principles, overall mission and vision, and business objectives. Through collaboration, careful thought, and our proven process, we create websites that help clients accomplish their goals.

Phases of the web design & development process

Web Design SC - Web Design Greenville SC - Web Design Charleston SC - Research
Research & Planning
We aim to thoroughly understand your business, your goals, your audience, and how your website factors into your overall marketing plan. We will look at your existing website (if there is one) as well as at samples of other websites in your industry to establish context and benchmarks for how your site should be laid out and how it should function. This stage gives us the foundation we need to move forward with just the right recommendations for the design and development of your new responsive website.
Web Design Columbia SC - Web Design Greenville SC - Web Design Charleston SC - Wireframes
wireframing & copywriting
In this phase of the website development, we create the site architecture and layout of your website. This includes putting together a site map of the pages your site as well as creating wireframes of the home page and internal pages of your website. Wireframes to a website are like architectural plans are to a house. Next, we work with you to write all of the copy for your website. Clients have the option of writing all of their own copy themselves or working with our copywriter to put together the headings, paragraphs, and any other written content needed for the website.
Web Design Columbia SC - Web Design Greenville SC - Web Design Charleston SC - Design
After we have approved wireframes, copy, images, and a site map, we begin designing your the home page, internal pages, and other key elements of your website. We show you our designs as we create them and give you the ability to provide specific feedback and make sure that every part of your site design is representative of you and your vision. We carefully consider every color, font, image, button, heading, and all other visual elements on your website to create a design that has that “wow” factor.
Web Development Columbia SC - Web Development Greenville SC - Web Development Charleston SC - Website Programming
Development & coding
When designs are approved, we begin coding your website and building out all of the pages. Our programming team has worked with us closely for well over a decade, so we have a well-tested system in place to make sure that designs are “brought to life” using best practices and with the client’s needs in mind. In everything we build, we ensure that all parts of the website will render properly on devices ranging from the desktop, to tablets, to phones.
Web Design Columbia SC - Web Design Greenville SC - Web Design Charleston SC - Quality Testing
Quality control & testing
When the coding process is complete, we scour every page of the site to ensure that the coded site matches the original designs. We test every form, hyperlink, and button to be sure everything is working correctly, and we do all of this in all responsive views of the site. After we are done testing, we allow the client to test and make sure we have not missed any details. If we have, we make those fixes promptly.
Web Design Columbia SC - Web Design Greenville SC - Web Design Charleston SC - Launch
website Launch
When the client gives us the approval, we help take the website live. Oftentimes clients prefer us to go in and update their domain name records so that we can point the domain to our web hosting server, but in the case where an information technology staff person manages the domain, we are happy to provide the information needed to take the site live. The hosting environment we use provides SSL certificate installation, 24/7 support, nightly backups, and a staging website where future website enhancements can be tested. We also optimize it for fast loading, spam form submissions, etc.
Web Design Columbia SC - Web Design Greenville SC - Web Design Charleston SC - Website Maintenance
support & maintain

After your website is launched, we continue to support and maintain it to ensure that it is secure, running on the latest versions of plugins and other suppporting software tools, functioning properly, and in general, continuing to serve as an effective marketing tool for your business. We track the traffic to your website, and encourage all our clients to allow us to search engine optimize their entire web presence in order to get as much return on the original investment as possible. Click here to learn more about our digital marketing services.

Web Design for Columbia, Charleston, & Greenville, SC

HLJ Creative has served the entire state of South Carolina for decades with top quality website design, branding, and strategic digital marketing. We have helped numerous clients from a variety of industries with Columbia SC web design, Charleston SC web design, and also Greenville SC web design. Additionally, a sizeable portion of our projects have expanded nationwide, to assist clients in other states as well.

We would be happy to schedule an intro conversation with you and your team to learn more about your organization and the vision that you have for your new website, creative marketing project, or any other online marketing efforts. Feel free to review Our Portfolio to see examples of past projects we’ve completed, or contact us today to Get A Quote.

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