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Web Design in Columbia, South Carolina

Web Design & Development

Our web design & development process

Over the past twenty years, HLJ Creative has meticulously refined our web design and development approach to ensure a delightful experience for our clients in Columbia, SC. Our method enables us to transform your concepts into a powerful online presence that resonates with your target audience. By accurately portraying your organization’s values, mission, vision, and objectives, we create a comprehensive understanding of your company for visitors. Through teamwork, deliberate planning, and our time-tested process, we craft websites that support our clients in achieving their ambitions.

Phases for excellent web design & development

Web Design SC - Web Design Greenville SC - Web Design Charleston SC - Research
INITIAL Research

At first, we will gain a complete understanding of your objectives, target audience, and the role your website plays in your overarching marketing strategy. We will evaluate your current Columbia, SC website design (if you have one) and analyze examples from other websites in your niche to establish context and standards for your site’s layout and functionality. This phase equips us with the groundwork necessary to provide suggestions for the design and development of your new website for desktop, tablets, and smartphones.

Web Design Columbia SC - Web Design Greenville SC - Web Design Charleston SC - Wireframes
wireframES & copy

During this stage of website development, we will establish your site’s structure and overall layout. To do so, we craft a site map to outline all your website’s pages. Then, we also design wireframes for the home page and internal pages of your website. Wireframes for a website are analogous to architectural blueprints for a house. After that, we collaborate with you and your team to produce the written words for your site. Clients have the flexibility to author their own copy or partner with our copywriter.

Web Design Columbia SC - Web Design Greenville SC - Web Design Charleston SC - Design
Design & STYLE

Once the wireframes, copy, images, and site map have been approved, we initiate the design process for your website’s home page, internal pages, and other vital components. As we develop the designs, we share them with you, offering the opportunity to give precise feedback and ensure that each aspect of your Columbia, SC web design aligns with your exact vision. We meticulously select every color, font, image, button, heading, and all visual elements to craft a web design that truly captivates the audience.

Web Development Columbia SC - Web Development Greenville SC - Web Development Charleston SC - Website Programming
Development & PROGRAMMING

After design approval, we start coding and constructing your website’s pages. Our experienced programming team follows a proven system to turn designs into functional websites, using best practices and considering client needs. We go to great lengths to make sure the website works perfectly on desktops, tablets, and phones in Columbia, SC and around the world.

Web Design Columbia SC - Web Design Greenville SC - Web Design Charleston SC - Quality Testing
Quality testing

Once coding is finished, we carefully examine each page to confirm that the coded site aligns with the initial designs. We test all forms, hyperlinks, and buttons to ensure proper functionality across all responsive views. After our testing, we invite the client to verify that no details have been overlooked. If any issues are found, we promptly address them.

Web Design Columbia SC - Web Design Greenville SC - Web Design Charleston SC - Launch

Upon receiving your approval, we move into launching the website. Many clients prefer that we update their domain name records to direct the domain to our web hosting server, but if an IT staff member manages your domain, we gladly supply the necessary information. Our own hosting includes SSL certificate installation, 24/7 support, daily backups, and a staging site for testing future website improvements.

Web Design Columbia SC - Web Design Greenville SC - Web Design Charleston SC - Website Maintenance
maintain & SUPPORT

Following your website’s launch, we continue to provide support and maintenance to guarantee its security, smooth operation, and up-to-date plugins and software tools. We ensure it remains an efficient marketing asset for your business. We monitor website traffic and advise clients to let us optimize their entire web presence for strong SEO results on search engines, maximizing the return on their initial investment. Click here to learn more about our digital marketing services.

Web Design for Columbia, South Carolina

HLJ Creative has served the entire state of South Carolina for decades with top quality Columbia, SC website design, branding, and strategic digital marketing. We have helped numerous clients from a variety of industries, and our portfolio has also included Charleston SC web design and Greenville SC web design. A sizeable portion of our projects have also expanded nationwide, assisting clients in many other states as well.

We would be happy to schedule an intro conversation with you and your team to learn more about your organization and the vision that you have for your new website, creative marketing project, or any other online marketing efforts. Feel free to review Our Portfolio to see examples of past projects we’ve completed, or contact us today to Get A Quote.

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