Our Team

Mary Cate Spires

Digital Marketing Specialist

Mary Cate is an inbound marketing specialist known for her analytical and goal-oriented thinking, reliability, and "get it done" attitude. As an advocate of Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing approach to digital marketing, she believes this methodology effectively leverages technology and data to help companies grow by attracting, converting, and closing customers. Additionally, Mary Cate is an integrated marketing expert who is highly skilled at incorporating a consistent message, look, and feel across print and digital channels to optimize impact. Powered by marketing automation technology tools, she uses her experience to help clients reach their goals, pivoting when necessary to optimize what’s working and abandon what's not. 

In 2015, Mary Cate graduated summa cum laude from The University of South Carolina with a degree in Public Relations and was named the Public Relations Senior of the Year. While in college, Mary Cate interned for digital marketing expert, Keely Saye. Mary Cate has embraced the lessons she learned in this role to forge her own reputation as a digital marketer.

When she’s not working, she enjoys totally chilling with her husband, mom, and Harley (the four-legged friend), and watching episodes of Friends or a cheesy reality show.

Favorite color: Tiffany Blue
Must drink: Diet Coke
Ambitions: To become marketing famous
Favorite Band: Maren Morris
Pet peeve: When people only think of themselves
Words of wisdom: Always Start with a Goal