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Fran Eleazer

WordPress Specialist

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Fran Eleazer has combined her desire to help people with her excitement about technology to please her clients for over twenty-five years in Columbia, SC. She’s developed and refined her skills over time, advancing with the trend from stand-alone computers to web-based computing through experience, study, podcasts and workshops.

Fran's company, Social Spark Media, evolved from Fran’s love of marketing, merged with her technology skills, and has allowed her to become a trusted advisor to small businesses looking for help with their online presence. Her goal is to create websites that have a strong search engine presence. To make this happen, she uses keyword research, conducts competitor analysis, and follows Google's technical guidelines.

Over the years, Fran has developed a core group of talented colleagues with complementary skills to help her customers achieve the online results they are looking to attain.