Online Marketing

It would be so nice if there was a button that could be pressed that said “put my website on page one of all the search engine results,” but the reality is that there are many ways to make this happen. The decision of which methods are most appropriate for your business or organization should be made based on your online competition, target market, budget, and personal preferences. We have experience implementing all of the online marketing methods listed on this page, and can help you figure out which ones will bring you the results you want. We provide all the services described below:

Organic, On-page Search Engine Optimization

We can search engine optimize all of the copy on your website as well as the title tags, meta tags/description, navigation, and alt tags to increase the probability of your business or organization being found online for specified search terms. This will move your site higher in the organic list of results and increase traffic to your site.

Local Listings

Every establishment can have a Google Places page, Yahoo local page, Yelp page, and other types of local listings. These sites typically allow for a short description of your business, photos, videos, links to your website and customer reviews. We can ensure that your organization has pages for all of these listings so that if people are looking for your location or phone number, they can find you easily.


Having a regularly updated blog on your site is an effective SEO tool. Blogs allow you to post fresh content to your site without having to constantly edit the actual pages of your site. Search engines love fresh, relevant content, and will reward you with higher rankings.

We can set up your blog so that people can subscribe to it and receive the blog articles by e-mail, and we can also include social media “sharing” buttons so that people can share articles on social networking sites.

Pay Per Click advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising can be conducted through Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other search engine and social media sites. Depending on who your target audience, we can help you decide which pay per click channels are most advantageous for your business.

Google Adwords allows you to bid a certain amount every time your ad on Google is clicked. The higher your bid is on a keyword/key phrase, the higher your ad will come up in the search results in the pay-per-click area of the Google search results page. You can set a daily budget for this so that there is a limit on the amount you spend each month.

Oftentimes, it can be advantageous to undergo pay per click advertising when there is a need to get traffic to your website immediately. Unlike organic search engine optimization which takes time to increase your rankings, pay per click advertising gets you instant exposure to people searching on the web for the keywords you have bid on in your campaign. Additionally, you can use pay per click advertising to get an idea of what keywords people are searching on most frequently.

Enewsletter Campaigns

Enewsletter campaigns are effective marketing tools because they can be tracked, shared on social media networks, and integrated with your website.

We can design an enewsletter template that matches the look and feel of your website. Additionally we can import a subscriber list of email addresses if they are provided electronically. From this point, we can either train the client on how to administer the enewsletter campaigns, or we can draft and broadcast the enewsletters on behalf of the client.

Web Video Commercials

We can refer you to a video production company that can create a professional, sophisticated, high definition “webmercial” for your organization. These videos are generally two to three minutes long. They can be placed directly on your website, and they are also placed in a localized searchable online video library. You can also place the video on YouTube.com, or on any other website that allows video placement. Having a video in all of these places helps increase traffic to your site and your site’s overall rankings.

Traffic Reporting

To monitor the results of online marketing efforts, we send detailed website traffic reports to clients on a regular basis. These reports show unique site visitors, time visitors spend on the site, search terms used to find your site, etc. We will interpret these traffic reports and give you tips on how to get even more traffic to your site.